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Discover our selected garments for a classic fresh wardrobe.


Diplomat Tailors

Welcome to our family-based business established in 1987,

We specialize in providing tailored service to the most accomplished individuals, 

The ability to purchase our products from anywhere at any time gives our customers

the flexibility to own garments without having to be physically present with one of our specialists,

We want to continually make our products more accessible to our consumers and

this is just the start of it.  Purchase of these items on our website through our online store today. 

Upon delivery, we will work with you and a tailor we endorse near you for the final perfecting touches.   

Our website price covers all the final touches to make your garment outstanding.

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Private Tailor Service

Welcome to our bespoke private tailoring service, a tradition we have proudly upheld since 1987.

Our bespoke tailoring service brings your visions to life, as we are fortunate to have skilled tailors crafting the extraordinary masterpiece for your special occasion 

We value your time, offering extraordinary personalized visits to your preferred location, ensuring your convenience is our priority.

While based in SPAIN our services transcend boundries reaching  BENELUX, SWITZERLAND, LONDON & NYC,

Always with Private Appointment 

Find out more our upcoming travel destination and dates 


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Discover our selected garments for a classic fresh wardrobe.

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